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Cleaning & Maintenance

An extremely important part of the floor selection and buying process involves the selection of a maintenance plan for your flooring. You should always expect a fine flooring store to furnish you with the name of the company best able to maintain your type of flooring. You should also expect self-cleaning recommendations.

Ask about our “One year free spot cleaning maintenance certificate”. With every purchase of an area rug or residential carpeting, our clients get unlimited spot cleaning on those products for one year, with one of the most reputable carpet cleaning companies in Toronto. There are limitations and exceptions, so ask in store for details.

Carpet cleaning is a huge industry with many inexperienced and disreputable service providers. The first consideration is the choice of Steam cleaning which can often cause damage because of high heat, or the better solution of hot water extraction. Synthetic carpets often use alkaline agents like ammonia and wool carpets respond best to acidic solutions like vinegar. The better carpet cleaning companies always use different formulas and methods depending upon the flooring material being cleaned. The least expensive carpet cleaning solution involves the extensive use of carpet shampoo but this oversaturation method leads to heavily soiled carpets after the application and this method should always be avoided. Carpet cleaning machines should extract up to 96% of the water and the carpets should be dry within as little as six hours.

A floor purchase decision is very much like buying a car, you should always expect your flooring store to provide ongoing maintenance services and recommendations. Interestingly enough, Dominion Rug & Home has been the biggest benefactor of providing these services. Homeowners and businesses not only recommend us to their friends, but as they trade up their homes, buy cottages and second generations make purchases, we are the only flooring choice for our important repeat customers. Selling and servicing has always be the most important part of running our flooring center

These are just a few tips designed to extend the life of your flooring;

Maintenance is the key
Unfortunately, no carpet is "totally" maintenance free. Getting the best performance from your carpet will require giving it the right kind of care. That care centers around three basic steps.

1. Removal of Soil by Frequent Vacuuming
Vacuum regularly to keep soil from becoming embedded in the carpet's pile where it's more difficult to remove and can create fiber damage.
NON TRAFFIC AREAS - Vacuum at least weekly.
LIGHT TRAFFIC AREAS - Vacuum twice weekly.
MODERATE TO HEAVY TRAFFIC AREAS - Requires "thorough" vacuuming - at least two to five times per week. Do heavy vacuuming more slowly to thoroughly remove embedded particles.

2. Spot Cleaning - Don't Panic
1. Remove solid materials with a tablespoon, spatula or dull knife edge.
2. Blot spills with clean, white absorbent materials such as towels, napkins or tissues.
3. If spot removal solvent is necessary, use a white cloth and blot the carpet in an inconspicuous area
using a mild non bleach detergent and water (one teaspoon to one liter of water). If color transfers to the cloth or a color change occurs, consult a professional carpet cleaner.
4. Use cleaning solutions sparingly, and if one fails to work, try another until the stain is removed.
5. Finally, always gently rinse the area with water.

3. Periodic Cleaning - Professional Cleaning Services
Overall cleaning of the carpet should be considered every 12 - 18 months depending on the lifestyle of the household, frequency of vacuuming, and whether the carpet is a light or dark color. The carpet should not become excessively soiled. Professional carpet cleaners can keep your carpet fresher and looking new longer and they can perform other repairs to your carpet.


Hot water extraction method

- DRY COMPOUND cleaning utilizing semi-moist powders worked into the carpet and extracted. Dry powder cleaner is the only recommended method  for silks, bamboo silks and viscose fibers.
FOAM CLEANING. The detergent is foamed, brushed into the carpet and extracted.

Avoid any cleaning system that utilizes rotary brushes, unless a cover or bonnet is utilized, as these may untwist the tufts of your carpet and cause accelerated wear.





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